Ideas for Christmas

What’s the real story of Santa Claus ?

The name Santa Claus is well known around the world, filling up the eyes and minds of kids when mentioned. Although we know a basic story, asking a random person in-depth questions about Santa Claus would quickly reveal how we are actually ignorant about his origin and have only relied on what we have heard […]

What is an advent calendar ?

Advent calendars have existed for a very long time, with history tracing its inception back to the 1850s. However, they only became widely adopted several years later. An advent calendar is a special type of calendar that is used to count down to the birth of Jesus, which is Christmas day and the whole Christmas […]

How to make an advent calendar ?

Advent calendars have existed for so many years now, with their one and only purpose being to indicate a count-down. Although they could have other relevance, everyone mostly uses them for Christmas holidays, with a lot of different approaches to how it’s used. Some prefer to mark each day with little gifts or candies, while […]

How to make personalized christmas cards

Christmas season is one of the best times for gifting. There are various gifts which you can send. However, Christmas cards are very popular during this period. It gets better when it is a personalized Christmas card. Technology has made it easier to do certain things. You do not need to print physical cards and send […]

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