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How to make personalized christmas cards

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Christmas season is one of the best times for gifting. There are various gifts which you can send. However, Christmas cards are very popular during this period. It gets better when it is a personalized Christmas card.

Technology has made it easier to do certain things. You do not need to print physical cards and send them to your loved ones. You can easily make virtual or personalized digital Christmas cards and send them to your loved ones using the following steps.

Select Your Preferred Card Making Platform

This is the first step towards customizing your own Christmas card. There are lots of platforms that enable users to create various cards. You can easily identify the one that you can use and sign up or use their free trial. Before you rush into choosing a platform, do some research.

This will help you save time you would have spent on trial and error. Third party reviews are your best bet as they will give unbiased opinions about these platforms.

Choose Your Preferred Template

After signing up, you can get to work with making your personalized card. The first step is to select a suitable template for making the card. To make things easier for you, you can use the “search” option to find templates that are best for making Christmas cards.

The template of any design is significant to the background of building a house. You have to carefully select it to suit the purpose. Remember, your choice also affects the other processes of designing the card.

Design a Layout

With your template handy, you can proceed to design a layout. Before doing so, ensure that the template you have chosen is easily customizable. It should not require any special skill besides the “drag and drop” design.

When designing a layout, remember that the card is a Christmas card. You can adjust the ratio, borders, color options, shape, size and other features relating to the layout.

Select a Background

You can decide to leave the background the way it currently is after designing the layout. However, it is called a “personalized” Christmas card for a purpose. You can as well change the background to a picture of the person you want to send the Christmas card. Simply put a picture related to Christmas; in any case, the options are up to you.

Some templates allow you to combine two or more pictures, a picture and a plain background, etc. You can also tweak the image to be used as background for the card before using it.

Insert Texts and Additional Features

It is imperative to insert texts or captions as pictures or colorful backgrounds may not be enough. You can borrow Christmas quotes online or write your own original quotes. Some platforms may provide you with suggestions on what to write on the cards.

Words are not the only additional features for a personalized Christmas card. You can also add clip arts to make your card look more appealing.

Export and Share Personalized Christmas Cards

With the card completed, you will still have to send it to the intended recipient. Simply export and share the card. Some platforms may require you to download the card first.

How to make personalized christmas cards
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