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What is an advent calendar ?

advent calendar

Advent calendars have existed for a very long time, with history tracing its inception back to the 1850s. However, they only became widely adopted several years later. An advent calendar is a special type of calendar that is used to count down to the birth of Jesus, which is Christmas day and the whole Christmas holiday in general.

Most times, people design their calendar to feature certain treats per day in the count-down. It could be as little as sweets or as much as expensive cool toys.

What does Advent mean?

The phrase Advent calendar exists as a result of the primary word “Advent.” Advent refers to a particular time within the period of 24 days when we anticipate the birth of Jesus Christ. The word Advent comes from the Latin word “adventus,” which means “arrival.”

Most times, Christians use Advent to refer to the four Sundays preceding the birth of Christ. It is a special time, where everyone focuses on preparing for the Christmas celebration.

However, although the count-down is to the birth of Christ, there isn’t concrete evidence that he was born on the 25th. Instead, it is a date that has been chosen to remember and reflect on the birth of Jesus. Due to how special the day is, many Christians plan and prepare for Christmas.

What is an advent calendar?

Just as earlier said, the primary purpose of an advent calendar is to help you count down to December 25th, which is Christmas. However, the exact design of the calendar varies from one person or family to another.

Usually, the calendar contains 24 doors, pockets, or boxes that are supposed to be open every day till the 25th. Gifts are stored in these pockets as a buildup to the anticipation of Christmas.

Also, these calendars mostly include a picture or background story to the intention behind each door. Today, some families still retain the primary notion of an advent calendar, which is to remember Christ, therefore placing bible notes or stories along with gifts each day.

However, others simply make it a fun activity to look up to for the holidays. There are also different types of Advent calendars to choose from.

  • Daily devotion calendars
  • Sweet treats calendars
  • Toys calendars
  • Puzzles or game calendars
  • Pets calendars
  • Beer or wine option calendars

The type you chose should be depending on your wants. 

When do you start the Advent calendar?

Normally, the Advent countdown begins four Sundays before Christmas, which is referred to as the first Sunday of Advent or the Advent Sunday. As a result of this, the exact date when the Advents start cannot be specified, as it could sometimes fall towards the end of November or early December depending on the number of Sundays before the 25th.

However, the most common Advent calendars start on the first of December without regard to the number of Sundays before the 25th. Advent calendars are very useful, and an awesome way to make Christmas thrilling and fun, while also remembering the birth of Christ.

If you aren’t so much of the religious type, you can simply go for Advent calendars that are not directly tied to religious origins. In the end, there’s something for everyone.

What is an advent calendar ?
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